Mellisa Sanders

2 Corinthians 5:17

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

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My Story:

My release date from Perryville Prison in Goodyear, AZ was 7/10/2020. Project Safe Start picked me up with only a two hours notice from The Department of Corrections! I was terrified that nobody would be there for me because my release happened so quickly with little time to plan. I cried when I saw a volunteer there in the parking lot for ME!! I couldn't stop thanking the volunteer. They brought me a suitcase full of clothing and toiletries and a folder with resources for community help. I was nervous when we arrived at the transitional home and was thankful for the prayer before I got out of the car. They were my first leg of support out of prison. I requested a Bible. It was shocking to me when they delivered the exact Bible I was hoping for the following week!!

Home of Hope Teen Challenge for Women

It was my heart's desire to go through the Teen Challenge program for women. They accepted me into their program in August of 2020 located in Casa Grande, AZ.

During that time I cemented my walk with the Lord as He guided me through healing and deliverance. This was one of the most difficult things I have ever accomplished in my life. In prison, you have no choice but to stay where you are. However, I had to choose daily to stay there and not walk out the doors of Home of Hope. I completed the program in July of 202l.

Off to New York!

After graduating from The Teen Challenge program, I flew to New York to work at Hoving Home in Garrison, New York. I entered the Hoving Home Leadership Academy. It is a nine-month school for women who believe they are called to ministry. After my schooling, I did two apprenticeships. In September 2022 I accepted the position of maintenance coordinator. I handled the three properties there and worked with the different programs on campus. I also ran the maintenance department with the women's program and worked directly with them. Both while in prison and while at Hoving Home the Lord gave me a vision that He would use me to plant programs. I wasn't sure if it was God at the time but it was so deep in my heart.

Global Teen Challenge is currently being re-structured and is not taking new missionaries until the end of 2024. It was God's grace that opened the door for me. When I was told to pray about going to Indonesia, I was in shock. I had just joked with a friend at breakfast that morning that I was going to go to Indonesia because they have the most beautiful squirrels.

My Next Step is Indonesia!

Indonesia has been in my heart and on my mind for the last few years. Looking back now, I know it was the Lord preparing me and giving me a burden for the women there. It's the world's largest Muslim country. I am honored that the Lord is calling me there. Last year, three Muslim men received my testimony of Jesus Christ and were touched by His power. How much more will he move through me as his vessel in Indonesia?

I will be part of a team planting A Home Of Hope through Teen Challenge. This home will help women escape addiction and sex trafficking. The program will also allow mothers to stay with their children. I will be in Indonesia for two years as a missionary. Financial support is required to get there. I will also need money monthly for daily needs. If you see that what I am doing is of value would you consider a donation or possibly monthly support?

Here are a few photos to show what my living conditions will be like.

Thank you to all who are following and supporting this mission to rescue women and children. I will leave as soon as I raise the financial support needed.

Much love,


Life is different in Indonesia

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